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This is where you will discover eminems enemies and why he hates them!




Benzino called Eminem a "culture stealer". Eminem made a diss song on the Shady Records album called "Nail in the Coffin". This song points out that it doesn't matter if your black or white and that benzino doesn't know his daughter or mother so he has no reason to diss them. Benzino threatened to kill Hailie Jade and since then Eminem hasn't replied. Soon he will tho it's eminem we're talking about here!




Eminem has never dissed Canibus before this happened it's kind of weird. Canibus made a song called, "U Didn't Care" which is a sequel to eminems song "Stan" In this song Canibus takes the role of Stan and writes to eminem. Eminem has mentioned Canibus' name in the odd freestyle but I'm not certain if he has made a diss track for him yet.



This fued between Eminem and Moby started when Mobby called eminem a ''a misogynist, a homophobe, a racist, and an anti-Semite" Eminem made fun of Moby in his song Without Me saying "you 36 year old bald headed fag  blow me".




50 Cent and Ja rule have had some physical problems involving 50 Cent punching Ja Rule and Ja Rule and his crew stabbing 50 and a friend of his. Ever since Ja Rule has made a song by saying "Murdaaaaaaa" 50 cent made a similar song to his but made fun of Ja Rule this song is called "Get Out of the Club."
After, Ja Rule made fun of the way 50 Cent said g-g-g-g-u-nit and said gay-gay-gay-gay unit.
Ja Rule threatened eminem and dr dre that if they allow 50 Cent to release a diss track towards him or Muder Inc. that Ja would take action against Eminem and Dre.
Ja rule said that "eminems mother is a crackhead and kim is a known slut whats hailie gonna be when she grows up". Eminem then dissed Ja Rule in a song called "Doe Rae Me" feauturing Hailie.




Everlast Disses by Eminem
Eminem - I Remember
Eminem & D-12 - Quitter
Whitney Ford dissed Eminem on a song and Eminem said he'll be the next one to get dissed
"...I'ma tell these motherfucking fans the truth, the reason why you dissed me first and I answered you. You said I passed you in the lobby and I glanced at you like I ain't noticed you, bitch I had a show to do. Like I'm supposed to be start struck, come over to you, you better shut your mouth while you 0 for 2...".
After Everlast was insulted by the disrespect Eminem presented towards him, he decided to lash out at him. Whitey Ford dissed Shady on record




About 2 years back Nelly sent out a number of disses toward Eminem. Nelly thought Eminem was talking about him behind his back. Eminem replied to this dissed with a song called "Detroit Grammar".



This rival has been going on for several years, ever since 1995. Eminem was handing out flyers for a party he was playing at. The flyer apparently said "Appearance from ICP...maybe". Unfortunately, Violent J wasn't too happy about this and he told Eminem to "fuck off" and that he wouldn't play at his party. This hurt Eminem and he got angry at ICP and starting dissing them. They even chased ICP out of a club and shot their car with a paintball gun to get revenge. ICP dissed Eminem in a song called "Nothing but a bitch thang" Eminem has dissed ICP in several of his songs including "Get U Mad" ICP then dissed Eminem with a song called "Slim Anus" (UGH I HATE THEM)




Fred Durst used to be Eminems friend but Lethal made offended Eminem with a comment he made. Em called Lethal and Durst "cowards" and "sissies" on "Girls," and ridicule their hit "Rollin'".


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